The Best Workout Clothes Are at Amazon—33 Pieces Everyone's Talking About

Like many other things, Amazon is a trove of good workout clothes. While the thousands of glowing reviews that its best-selling leggings and sports bras have racked up are impressive enough, TikTok is also flooded with haul videos of fashion people showing off their coolest activewear from the retailer. After watching dozens of such videos, we beelined to the site to shop them all.

Hours of scrolling later, our Amazon deep dive has certainly paid off since we have 33 epic finds to show for it. Whether it’s the tank top that our editors can’t get enough of or the cutest matching sets that could pass as luxury activewear, discover the best workout clothes on Amazon here. Ahead, we’re diving into the tanks, leggings, sets, and more that everyone’s talking about right now.

There are a lot of workout tanks out there, but we cross-referenced the best-selling styles with the ones our editors are personally vouching for. Voilà, here are six A+ picks.

On top of the thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon, we can confidently say that the hype is legit.  Top customer review: “I’ve worn this top for running, yoga, and Pilates and it holds up quite well! I like how there is a shelf bra as opposites to having the padding directly on the outer layer so you can’t see the cups. The straps are supportive and the longer length means more coverage.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Compressive fit. Thick, sculpting material. Cons: Fits too short on the torso

This ribbed tank is ideal for low-impact workouts like Pilates and yoga. Top customer review: “The square neck and wide straps are my favorite on this. The material is soft, the built-in bra with removable pads are much appreciated, and the crop length is perfect for high waisted leggings or jeans.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Material is thick and stretchy. Cons: Shorter than expected. Runs small

Beyond Yoga’s space-dye fabric is next-level soft. Top customer review: “Love that Beyond Yoga runs true to size. The material is very soft and has a very flattering fit.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Cloud-like fabric. Cons:  Lacks support

The high neck is a particularly chic detail.  Top customer review: “This high neck style is similar to another top I have and love from a higher-end yoga fitness brand. I bought this in the mauve to try out. I received it last week and it is above my expectation! I have worn it twice so far. I think I may like it better than the similar higher-end brand top I own.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Flattering for shoulders. Length is long. Cons: Not the best at wicking away sweat

For those who prefer to sweat in flowier silhouettes. Top customer review: “I am absolutely obsessed with this and I wear it pretty much every day. You need it. It’s so lightweight and comfortable.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Loose, airy fit. Cons: Runs large

Stocking up has never been so easy.  Top customer review: “Before buying, I was hesitant because I thought that they were gonna be a weird quality or weird material, but they’re actually amazing. I think maybe because I’m only 5’3″ the crop of the shirt falls a bit awkwardly on me. Other than that I actually love the fit and the quality of these tank tops and are my go to tops when it’s hot outside.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Fits well. Cons: Not as stretchy as expected

Search “leggings” on Amazon and you’ll find yourself in a sea of options. These are the classics we prefer for working out.

For lounging and moving alike. Top customer review: “Love these leggings! I’ve gotten compliments every time I wear them. They’re very flattering.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Flattering fit. Smoothing effect. Cons: Runs big. Fabric is thin

There’s a reason why Alo leggings have earned the celebrity cult following that they have. Top customer review: “These leggings are the perfect combination of stylish and high quality workout material. This is my second pair because I still have my first pair in white that have held up to all the hard workouts I have put them through and are still in excellent condition-no pilling, no stretching of the fabric, no loss of quality over the years, washes, and workouts.”— Amazon reviewer. Pros: Stylish moto detailing. Thick, compressive fabric. Cons: Fabric pills after several washes. On the expensive side for leggings

The brand name alone says it all. Top customer review: “As a fitness instructor, it’s important to me to be able to focus on my class and not on my outfit. That’s why I’m thrilled to have discovered these amazing leggings that have truly exceeded my expectations.First and foremost, they don’t roll down. I can move freely and confidently without having to constantly adjust my clothing. And, they are squat and sweat proof, so I don’t have to worry about any embarrassing mishaps during my workouts.What’s even better is that they are true to size, meaning that they fit perfectly and flatter my body without feeling too tight or restrictive. I love how comfortable they are and how they move with me, making it easier to demonstrate exercises to my class.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Thick, non-see-through fabric. Pockets that fit your phone. Cons: Awkward length. They’re not compression leggings

An A+ investment pair. Top customer review: “The material in these leggings is almost like a smooth bengaline, it’s very stretchy and supportive. Takes a little bit longer to put them on but once they’re in place they are extremely comfortable and feel almost like you’re wearing nothing at all. The flat seams are very comfy and yes to pockets. The zip pocket in the back is perfect for a house or locker key. Drawstring is a nice touch but I didn’t see needing it. They aren’t noisy when you are moving in them, and some leggings are like that, but not these. So far I haven’t noticed any pilling.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Supportive, stretchy material. Side pockets and back zipper for storage. Cons: Prone to tears

These are all over TikTok right now. Top customer review: “Love the soft fabric, makes my butt look great, fits comfortably, and came in on time and in perfect condition.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Butt-lifting effect. Pretty crossover waist detail . Cons: No pockets. Cheap, shiny fabric

From bike shorts to swishy nylon pairs and even tennis skirts, we dug through Amazon to find the best workout shorts.

Picking out a color was the hardest part. Top customer review: “These shorts are so cute and are perfect for serious workouts or just for leisure. The fabric was softer and more comfortable than I was expecting, and the cut is more fashionable than your average athletic short. I particularly love the wide band.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Good quality. Wide range of bright colors. Cons: Runs small

To wear for a run or just running errands. Top customer review: “I love the wide but incredibly stretchy waistband. It doesn’t put any pressure on your stomach. I sized up because I really wanted these to be comfy. However I could easily go down a size and I still think they would be just as comfortable.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Breathable. They stay in place. Good for running. Cons: Not as high-waisted as the image. Pockets are awkwardly placed

These have rave reviews. Top customer review: “These shorts are really comfortable, holding the skin in without being uncomfortable. It’s stretchy but not loose. I haven’t felt them sag like a lot of leggings and shorts do. I highly suggest these..” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Breathable high cotton fabric. Stretchy but not loose. Cons: Logo lettering cracks after several wears. Light pilling from cotton material

These look ideal for outdoor workouts. Top customer review: “These are the most comfortable shorts to run in! The liner fits really well and the shorts don’t ride up when I run. The waist band is thick and sturdy which helps with tummy control, which I also appreciate. The pocket in the waistband is really only big enough for an ID, credit card, or car key. It’s definitely not a big enough for a phone.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Don’t ride up. Thick, sturdy waistband. Cons: Pockets aren’t big enough for a phone

A workout-closet classic. Top customer review: “Great styling and quality. Love the pockets—two exterior pockets on the 5-inch shorts are more than roomy enough for my iPhone XS Max. There’s also an inside waistband pocket for keys, DL, and a card or two. The fabric is soft and stretchy without so much compression that it feels like shape wear. The finish is smooth, so I’m hoping these can also be worn under dresses. Will have to test that out. No workout performance to report as yet. The waistband provides full coverage.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: External and internal pockets. Compressive fabric. Runs true to size. Cons: Fabric is thicker than expected and not the most breathable

These look so comfy. Top customer review: “These were dropped off 10 mins ago. And I had to write a review ASAP. I have a similar brand but I like the colors for these ones so I decided to go with it.The second I took them out of the package. I was really shocked by the material. They are so soft where my other ones are very stiff and kind of tight. I thought they looked a little bit bigger, but when I put them on they fit like a glove, but not too tired to cut anything off.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Soft fabric. Flattering cut. Cons: Waistband rolls when you sit down. Slightly see-through

Sports bras are so personal. Your ideal style might be completely different from someone else’s, which is why we always read the reviews to see what the fit is like and how they hold up during a sweat sesh.

A long-standing favorite. Top customer review: “This bra is what is truly needed for real workouts. It doesn’t pretend to be pretty or dressy—it’s a workhorse bra for people who really need and want support so that they aren’t thinking about their bodies as they move.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Fits true to size. Supportive. Cons: Padded inserts come out in the wash

Lightweight perfection. Top customer review: “The quality of this bra is amazing. The fabric is thick and soft, almost like a knit. It’s breathable, and comfortable to wear. Only downside is it runs a bit small. The band also rolls up when I sit, but the fabric is so comfy that it doesn’t bother me. I’ll definitely be keep this, because the quality is worth it being a little small. But if you’re buying this, consider sizing up.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Thick, soft fabric. Cons: Runs small

Part sports bra, part workout tank. Top customer review: “This top is amazing. So incredibly flattering and fairly well made for the price point. The bra pads are annoying and tend to come out in the wash, but such is life. This makes your chest look absurdly good. Worn it for both low impact and high impact workouts without an issue. It is quite compressive so if you’re under a C/D, you should be fine with just the built-in support.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Flattering on the chest. Works well for high and low impact workouts. Cons: Runs small

Supportive and cool. Top customer review: “True to size. Very comfortable yet firm enough to work out in or to just wear on the weekend. I can honestly say I am not waiting for the minute that I can take it off for the day.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: True to size. Comfortable yet firm. Cons: Not the most flattering for broad shoulders

Just looking at his color combo is energizing. Top customer review: “I was hoping this would become my favorite sports bra as I love the soft feel of the fabric. While the fabric isn’t as tight and supportive as some sports bras, I like it better. I would gladly trade a little support for a softer fabric. My skin gets itchy when I get sweaty and some fabrics make it worse. This fabric doesn’t feel as itchy as some.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Pretty two-tone design. Cons: Medium light support is best for lower-impact workouts

Reviews on this praise the soft fabric and compressive fit. Top customer review: “These sports bras are amazing! The padding is a little thicker, but overall I really love the feel and look of these sport bras. The padding has so far stayed in the bra when washing in a linen bag which I really appreciate! Definitely recommend and will be buying more.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Adjustable straps. Supportive yet comfortable. Cons: Padded inserts come out in the wash

Matching sets are quite possibly what Amazon does best. Its cute sets come in so many fun color and silhouette options that they can make your head spin.

This color and silhouette look so expensive. Top customer review: “Such a fun set. I received so many compliments on it. I’ll only be wearing it to yoga or walking due to the minimal bra support, but love it.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Seamless ribbed fabric. Lots of pretty color options. Cons: Minimal support

The top is way too cool to just wear for workouts. Pair it with jeans outside of the gym. Top customer review: “This set is so trendy but also functional. The top is tight enough and doesn’t fall down even though it only has one strap. It loosened up a bit by the end of my workout but not too dramatically. I got the dark grey and it didn’t show any sweat…and trust me I was sweaty. The material is thick and has a compressive quality. Thinking about ordering another color or another set by the same brand. I think the shorts will be nice for leisure or workouts. ” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Compressive material. Lots of color options. Trendy cut. Cons: May run small

This color, though. Top customer review: “The set was better quality than I even expected. I’m 5’3″ and about 145 lbs and got a medium. The set is stretchy, so I probably could’ve gotten the small in the pants but I think the top would’ve been to small. It hugs in all the right places and is comfy. The only downside, you can definitely see sweat if you’re working out hard! Otherwise, amazing.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Strechy material. Pretty color options. Cons: Leggings are see-through

Proof that everything is chicer in chocolate brown. Top customer review: “Perfect set to build up your activewear wardrobe and confidence! Bra comes with holes to insert cup pads but does not have cup pads. They stretch as you wear them. Usually I’m in between a medium & large so I sized down. When I first put them on I was scared that they were going to bust, but then they formed nicely to my shape.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Comfortable and thick material. Cons: Sweat marks show

While I wouldn’t do a HIIT class in a one-shoulder set like this, it’s a cute option for yoga or hiking. Top customer review: “The set is absolutely gorgeous and well made, my only concern is how tight it is, there is almost no give to the fabric but it is stretchy if that makes sense. The color is beautiful and the quality is well made with built in cups.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: One-shoulder top holds up during workouts. Cons: Leggings roll down while seated

They may not be the most exciting purchase you’ll make, but here’s your reminder to add a fresh pack to your next Amazon order. 

Nike socks are a must, and they’re a fashion-person It piece. Top customer review: “Nothing fancy or soft, just a good thick sock, good for cold runs.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Durable fabric. Moisture wicking. Cons: Tight on the calves

Such a great value for a 10-pack. Top customer review: “Obsessed with crew socks lately and the price was right for these. I love them. I will say that after 7 or so washes the elastic changes along with the cotton shrinking slightly so they slide down. But I enjoy a slouchy princess Diana at the tennis courts sock moment and this gives that perfectly.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Perfect height for high-top sneakers. Cons: Not the softest fabric

One TikToker claims these are just as good as the Aritzia tube socks. Top customer review: “The good news: The socks are soft and stretchy and the band at the top doesn’t bite into your skin.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Socks stay up. Don’t dig into skin. Cons: Material is thin

Runners know that it all starts with good socks. Top customer review: “This is my second time purchasing these socks. The first time in gray and this time in black. They hold up really well, are not easy to put holes in and run through the washer and dryer without issues. I used to buy big name brand socks and these are far superior to anything else I’ve ever bought. I highly recommend trying these socks if you haven’t yet.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: They don’t slip and stay in place. Good support

Non-tube socks that shoppers love just as much. Top customer review: “I’ve been wearing a pack of these for just over a year now. I wear them with my athletic shoes and sometimes even with low-cut boots as they stay on so well. They are very lightweight and comfy. They are finally starting to wear but I am happy to repurchase another pack after a year.” — Amazon reviewer. Pros: Lightweight. They stay in place. Cons: Thin fabric

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