Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF January 9 – 1 5, 2023

This week kicks off your informal “Hygge season for your heart” as cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars candidly canoodle on Monday, January 9. And this is no random alignment! Passionate Mars is on a LONG trek through Gemini and your sentimental fourth house while amorous Venus is in Aquarius and your compassionate twelfth. These vibes are about as lovey-dovey as it gets, so if you’ve been hoping to get closer to a certain someone, invite them over for a meal or just to watch a movie. (Or maybe a cozy table tucked in the corner of your favorite unstated romantic bistro.)

Did you—whoops!—mistakenly overload your calendar? You’re not required to languish in a noisy venue. It’s okay to skip—or make a brief cameo then head back to Chateau Fish to cook dinner with bae or your BFF. Since Mars is retrograde until Thursday, anyway, this is no time to push yourself beyond your energetic capacity. If you’re in a relationship, home and family matters will be top priority. Are you ready to hand over a spare key, start the search for a love nest or the plans for a renovation? Get the talks underway over candlelight and a bowl of pasta.

Good news on the Mars front comes this Thursday as the motivational red planet ends a seemingly endless retrograde that began on October 30. Over those ten weeks, family or domestic drama might have disrupted your ability to relax under your own roof. But starting now, with Mars powering forward through Gemini until March 25, your energy—and equanimity—should return and help you set limits with agitating people. Whether you get to stand up to a landlord or “invite” a pushy friend or relative to stay out of your personal affairs, Mars direct will strengthen your backbone. On a different note, if you’ve been contemplating a move—near or far—the red planet’s renewed drive and determination can accelerate your departure. Since the fourth house governs all things feminine, this cycle could bring some energizing ladies into your orbit—always a great source of support for you!


On Saturday, Venus, still in your imaginative twelfth house, forms one of her two annual squares with provocateur Uranus in your communication center. Under normal circumstances, Pisces, you can handle high levels of pressure (often by distracting yourself), but once in a blue moon (or a Venus-Uranus mashup), you feel pushed to your limit. And when that happens, look out, world! Hold in your anger too long and your temper could explode like a powder keg near a lit match. A neighbor, sibling or friend may be the one who sets you off, and it might be impossible to keep your cool. Remember, you actually have a choice about if—and where and around whom—you should show this seldom-seen side. Ideally, rather than unleash to the triggering person, vent to a neutral third party who can listen compassionately but also steer you back before you go off the rails.

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