My Inner Child Is Screaming—This Nostalgic Collection Is an Editor Favorite

Growing up, I spent much of my time either in front of the mirror or the TV. Trying on my mom’s lip glosses and heels was typical for me, but when I wasn’t playing dress-up, I was spending my Saturdays on the sofa watching Harry Potter marathons with my family. Despite having seen the movies in theaters and reading the books upon their release, we’d binge-watch all the movies like it was our first time. The only requirements were pajamas, snacks, and a promise not to recite every line. Over 15 years later, worlds have collided to bring my childhood love of makeup and Harry Potter together in the form of SHEGLAM’s latest launch: the Harry Potter Full Collection Set ($50). Yep, my inner child is screaming.

It’s not every day that you get to geek out about being a Hufflepuff while applying the perfect summer eye shadow. This collection features four eye shadow quads inspired by the four houses of Hogwarts, four high-shine lip glosses, a magic-cauldron lip mask, and a glitter lipstick. (I audibly gasped when I saw the complimentary wand-shaped eye shadow brush.) Although there’s no shortage of glitter accents and highly pigmented shades, these products are extremely wearable and fit right into your everyday routine. I can never say no to a good palette or gloss, and fellow editors Natalie Gray Herder, Michaela Bushkin, and Emma Walsh agree. As major Harry Potter and beauty fans, they couldn’t help but share the products they’re most excited for. If you want to know why this magical set is a must-buy, just keep scrolling.

“I can’t step out the door without wearing lip gloss and slipping an extra tube in my purse. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look whether it’s for everyday wear or a full-glam moment. I’ve been a Harry Potter fan for decades, and this collaboration with SHEGLAM is the kind of elevated merch I’m here for. The four shades are so playful and fit seamlessly into my makeup collection. Plus, I love that you can get this bundle for under $20, which is a pretty unbeatable price point if you ask me. I’ll be rotating these four glosses all summer long.”

“I love a touch of color on my eyes to enhance my beauty look, and this palette has all the dreamy shades that are perfect for summer and ideal for someone with hazel (or brown) eyes like mine. I identify as a Gryffindor, so it seems fitting that I’m drawn to these gold and brown hues.”

“I’m going to be honest: I’m a newbie when it comes to Harry Potter, but this whimsical collection from SHEGLAM is making me a fan. I’m especially drawn to this lip mask. It’s deeply nourishing and leaves my lips pillowy soft. The secret ingredient is meadowfoam seed oil, a natural emollient that has hydrating superpowers.”

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