Wednesday, November 29, 2023

I Tested 5 Different Lipsticks Against My Morning Coffee Habit—How They Held Up

Here’s something you should know about me before we continue: I have had at least one cup of coffee nearly every single morning since I was 13 years old. That might be slightly concerning, but I’m just giving you the facts. 

Though I might have a slight coffee addiction, it’s not for nothing—believe it or not, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks on my daily journey to caffeination. Mainly, I know to nearly always wait until after I’ve finished my last cup to apply lipstick, as lipstick tends to not only leaves marks on my mug, but hot coffee also typically ruins the finish of my lipstick. 

For the sake of science, I decided to test a few of my absolute favorite lipsticks against my morning coffee to see how they held up. While most did transfer a bit to my mug (I’d be shocked to find a lipstick that didn’t transfer to a mug, no matter how smudge-proof it’s supposed to be) they all held up surprisingly well. Below, find my reviews for how well five of my all-time favorite lipsticks square up against piping hot coffee. 

Point blank: this lipstick stays put. It has a beautiful reflective finish, which in my mind would mean it smears easily, but it truly doesn’t budge. With the shine of a lip gloss and the grip of a liquid lipstick, this liquid formula is a no-brainer for anyone on the go who wants something that will last all day long without looking drying. 

I love a sheer wash of color on my lips on days when I’m wearing bright colors—it feels effortless and very French girl. I always assume that they won’t hold up to any sort of beverage-drinking, but I was impressed with how well the Generation G formula stood up to my coffee drinking. It came off a tiny bit as I was drinking but still looks good. 

I love a red lip, and this formula is one of my absolute favorites. It has the smoothest applicator and it’s such a great true red on me. It also held up remarkably well against my coffee—I didn’t have to reapply all day. 

This deep berry-toned red is a staple in my makeup arsenal. It’s one of my favorite formulas, and the doe-foot applicator makes it so easy to draw on the perfect lip, every time. Though it had more transfer than some of the other formulas I’ve tried, you couldn’t tell by my lips—they looked just as good after a full cup as they did right after application. 

Not only is this lipstick only $12, but it also impressed me the most in terms of transfer. This formula does not budge. I think the only reason there’s any transfer at all on my coffee cup is because I applied the gloss on top—I had to scrub the color underneath off with cleanser and a washcloth. If you want a lipstick that will not move for a great price, this one is your best bet. 

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