I Never Want to Shop in January, But These 15 Items Made Me Drop Everything

I don’t think anyone is trying to pretend that January is the most exciting month of the year. Compared to the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be downright dull (and cold). I personally don’t have a ton of events on my social calendar this month so I hadn’t been all that inspired to shop, but I do have more time to shop for myself than I did over the past couple of months, so there’s that…

My previous statement about not being inspired to shop was in the past tense because that was before I came back after the holiday break and started working on a fresh batch of stories (which require a fresh batch of items to shop). The 15 items below, in particular, really made an impact on me and have snapped me out of my shopping disinterest. Among them are the perfect pair of H&M flats, a trendy new pair of J.Crew jeans, and that viral TOTEME scarf jacket in a brand new color. Scroll to shop these and more, all of which are likely to cheer you up this long, wintery January.

I was so impressed by these H&M ballet flats that I wrote an entire story about them. They look wildly soft and comfortable and could easily pass for a pair that’s far more expensive than $65. Expect a swift sell-out.

I’ve wanted this TOTEME scarf jacket for longer than I can even calculate. When I saw this exclusive color on Net-a-Porter, my jaw literally dropped. I find olive green to be very versatile, and this particular jacket could easily be dressed up or down to suit your wardrobe needs.

Perhaps the fact that I just booked a trip to Santa Fe has something to do with this, but I’m into all things Westerncore right now. This affordable Mango vest instantly caught my eye and I have big plans to wear it with a turtleneck, miniskirt, and Western boots.

If you prefer something similar to Prada’s viral logo tank top, but that’s a little sleeker and easier to tuck in, it’s your lucky day. While pricey, I see this as one of those items you’ll wear over and over forever. 

J.Crew’s new arrivals are even better than you’d guess, and these puddle jeans are the perfect example. They’re on preorder now but I’d say they’re worth the wait (which isn’t that long).

Blame it on my impending Santa Fe trip, but this bag stopped me in my tracks. The Staud designers are experts at reiterating upon its most popular existing styles while still making them feel fresh. (And yes, I’d pair this with the aforementioned denim Mango vest.)

Reformation was wise to make a sweater vest version of its most popular sweater of the season, the Fantino Cardigan. It’s great for layering now and for wearing on its own when we finally transition into spring. Love you, Reformation.

And just like that, I want to wear chokers again. Well, this choker specifically. This is one of those accessories that would elevate anything you’re wearing in one fell swoop. (For the record, I also want the belt version.)

This shade of blue is my current obsession, especially when combined with camel. A fleece this pretty is certain to brighten up my commute to pilates and dog walks around the neighborhood.

I’m pretty intrigued by the fact that sock boots are already making a comeback, and this pair is a perfect representation of the 2023 version of the trend: structured, simple, and with a zipper (because squeezing your foot into a sock boot is so 2017).

While we’re on the subject of & Other Stories, I couldn’t complete this story without putting this epic jumpsuit on your radar. Unlike most jumpsuits of this day and age, it literally looks like a two-piece set and I’m here for it. Get it before it sells out (and it will).

It’s not every day that really unique designer bags hit the market, but this new Loewe one proves that it does happen. The shape of it and the subtle logo are undeniably fresh, and I’d say that it’s worth saving up for.

Simply put, I want a wardrobe filled with whipstitched items such as this cozy cardigan. With something this distinctive, all you need to do is throw on jeans with it and go (and wait for the compliments to come rolling in).

Instead of a beanie, how about a wool baseball cap for winter? It may not cover your ears but I’ve found that since baseball caps push my hair down over my ears, there is a bit of warmth provided (if you have long hair). 

Next up, the 30 best new arrivals of the week.

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