FYI: You Can Achieve Hailey Bieber's Effortless Summer Glow For Just $29

Come summertime, I find myself wanting to wear as little makeup as possible, which means even more responsibility gets placed on my daily skin-care routine. Regardless of how much time I invest into curating the cleanest makeup look, Arizona’s sweltering temperatures and conspicuous air quality always manage to do a number on my skin, leaving my face looking cakey, dried out, and on the worst days, incredibly dull. Lately I’ve been looking for more ways to simplify my routine (skinimalism is in, after all) so that this season – unlike year’s past – I could actually achieve the effortless and dewy summer glow of my dreams. Given Hailey Bieber’s cool-girl appeal and frustratingly flawless skin, I turned to her cult-favorite brand Rhode in search of a cure-all product that could give my face the revival it’s so desperately needed, and stumbled upon the Rhode Barrier Restore Cream ($29) in the process.

Unlike her viral Peptide Glazing Fluid, this hydrating cream piqued my interest with its blend of ultra-hydrating ingredients teamed with a creamier, more nutrient-rich formula. I’ve been using the solution for a little over a month now and can’t imagine my daily beauty regimen without it, especially heading into the summer months. Keep reading for my full review of the Barrier Restore Cream and to see why I think it’s the ultimate staple to have packed into your travel makeup bag.

About the Rhode Barrier Restore Cream

  • The creamy moisturizer is formulated for all skin types.
  • It features shea butter to hydrate, squalane to protect the moisture barrier, peptides to reduce the look of wrinkles, antioxidant-rich acai for added protection, and niacinamide to brighten and improve the skin’s overall texture.
  • The fragrance-free moisturizer is cruelty- and gluten-free, plus it’s vegan and dermatologist-tested.
  • The packaging for the Barrier Restore Cream is made from upcycled post-consumer materials.

What I Like About the Rhode Barrier Restore Cream

I love that this restorative cream essentially combines multiple skin-care products into one. Typically, I like to use separate hyaluronic and niacinamide serums in my routine to ensure my skin is coated with as many hydrating, skin-boosting benefits as possible, but because this Barrier Restore Cream boasts all of those ingredients and then some (like squalane, peptides, and more), I find there’s less need for any extra oils or serums. I can simply slather this formula on and enjoy the same benefits of my usual five-step morning skin-care routine. As a result, my skin feels lighter (likely because I’m limiting any unnecessary steps and layers) and perfectly primed for makeup. Since updating my routine with the Barrier Restore Cream, I’ve found that my foundation looks smoother and less cakey, particularly in areas where my skin tends to get super-dry.

Because of the product’s multitasking capabilities, it’s also proven to be a skin-care savior for me when I’m traveling. Rather than having to squeeze multiple bottles into my personal carry-on or travel makeup bag, I can simply reach for this cream instead and take it with me when I’m on the road.

How to Use the Rhode Barrier Restore Cream

The Barrier Restore Cream is designed to be used both morning and night, but I like it best in my morning skin-care routine. To start my daily regimen, I’ll begin by ice rolling my face for several minutes to try to minimize puffiness and also wake my skin up after a full night’s rest. Then, I’ll jump into my cleansing routine; I have super-sensitive skin, so I try to opt for gentler, oil-free face wash from brands like Neutrogena or La Roche Posay. After massaging the cleanser around my face and washing it off with water, I’ll pat down my skin with a towel until it’s dry and then move into the serum-heavy section of my routine. I use a staple vitamin C serum to brighten the look of my skin.

Finally, I reach for the Rhode Barrier Restore Cream as my morning moisturizer. As recommended by the brand, I squeeze out a half finger-length of the cream onto my hand, and then begin lathering it across my face until the solution feels evenly spread. The skin under my nose and around my temple tends to get dry and flaky, so I like to focus more product on those areas in particular. Once the cream feels well-distributed, I then slap on a layer of sunscreen (preferably Supergoop! whenever possible), and take a few minutes to let everything set before jumping into my makeup routine.

What to Consider Before Trying the Rhode Barrier Restore Cream

While this formula is certainly denser than other products in Rhode’s skin-care collection (namely the Peptide Glazing Fluid), it doesn’t necessarily feel thick enough to be used as a night cream. The solution slathers easily across the skin and provides a thin hydrating barrier that’s long-lasting, but you might want something more emollient to lock moisture in before bed. On the few occasions I’ve incorporated it into my nighttime skin-care routine, I found that the product didn’t mesh as well with some of my other oils and serums; the benefit of having a thicker night cream is that it will help to absorb any extra product into the skin, that way you wake up with a fresh and well-nourished glow. I believe that the Rhode Barrier Restore Cream works best as a daytime moisturizer because of its hydrating qualities and the fact that it’s still lightweight enough to be worn beneath makeup.

Another thing to note is that the actual product size is pretty small, especially compared to some of the other moisturizing creams on the market. At 1.7 oz, I already went through one tube after using it almost every morning for a month, and that was with a relatively small portion-size each day (the solution is incredibly creamy, so a little goes a long way). If you’re someone whose as moisturizer-obsessed as me, just be aware that you’ll need to continue buying these creams pretty regularly to ensure you’re well stocked.


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