From H&M to Totême, This French-Girl Trend Is Suddenly Everywhere I Look

While French style does include the occasional trend, a lot of what the fashion folk of the city focus on are pieces that hold longevity. And while these pieces may seem like common sense to those in the know, they trickle into other parts of the market and pick up a following at lightning speed. As we head into the New Year, it seems like the industry has set its sights on another classic French trend—contrast trim. Popularized by Chanel, the design detail (primarily done in black or white) was often seen on tweed jackets, formal dresses, and skirts. Now, there are plenty of product options that include variety in both silhouette and price. 

Whether you want to stick to the structural jackets that the trend was founded on or take a modern approach with a trimmed shearling jacket, this is a look worth spending money on. At first glance, it’s a simple element, but nothing about this trend is boring. It’s impeccably chic, timeless, and easy to wear. If you don’t believe me, just keep scrolling. 

Well done, H&M.

The coat that’s on every fashion person’s mind right now, including mine.

This is a vibe.

Reformation knows how to make good trousers, so I expect nothing but greatness from this pair.

The pearl details are making me swoon.

I’m shocked this hasn’t sold out yet.

A simple detail that adds so much.

If you have a formal event coming up, buy this and let me live vicariously through you.

The ultimate Chanel-inspired skirt.

I’ll take the whole set, please!

Going-out tops can be simple, too, especially when they look like this. 

Imagine this with sheer stockings and a black minidress. 

Zara’s clearly invested in this trend the same way I am.

Meet your new favorite layering piece.

Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap would love this, don’t you think?

Hello, beautiful.

Comfy and cozy.

Wait till you see the matching knit pants.

Told you.

See how easy it is to look good with this trend? A simple cardigan-and-shorts outfit has never looked better.

Cutouts done right.

If you’re in the mood to master the French look, pair this with straight-leg jeans and ballet flats. It’s that easy.

Who said pajamas can’t be stylish?

Preppy in the best way possible.

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