Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF January 9 – 1 5, 2023

Surprises? No thank you! But as a realistic Capricorn, you don’t mind good news, and that’s precisely what’s on tap this Monday, January 9. Even BETTER news? With lovebirds Venus and Mars aligning in an auspicious trine (120-degree angle) in two of your most stable houses, this bodes well for all kinds of relationships (but especially those with a romantic flavor). Passionate Mars is on a lengthy trek through Gemini and your sixth house of self-care and healthy routines while affectionate Venus is in Aquarius and your house of practical magic. Okay, this mashup might not set off Grucci-level fireworks, but it could yield something that’s actually better: consistency and security. And there’s no underestimating the power of those two things, even with Mars still retrograde until Thursday.

But don’t wait for the “perfect” union to emerge from the embers or drop from the heavens. If you’re single, make a more concerted effort to meet like-minded people. And check your self-talk: Are you undermining your best efforts with comments like “This will never work”? Attached? Do your part to get things into a grounded groove. If you’ve been two ships passing in the night, set up a shared calendar so you can book date nights. Out of sync with finances? Work out a budget for joint expenses and maybe meet up with a financial planner. And while you’re on a roll, create support structures for EVERY area of life that could stand a little improvement.

The wellness wagon is scheduled to stop right at your front door this Thursday, but it’s up to you to hop onboard and grab yourself a seat! That day, motivational Mars wraps up a frustrating ten-week retrograde through your sixth house of wellness and self-care. As the feisty red planet resumes forward motion and blazes ahead in Gemini (until March 25), you’ll be more than ready for your energy—and enthusiasm—to return to normal levels. The best way to do that? Move your body on a daily basis and fuel it with clean, green power foods. It won’t take much sleuthing to find half a dozen new favorite winter recipes—or workout apps. Just keep ‘em all on shuffle for variety, but be sure to stick with it for another couple weeks (so they become habits). The sixth house also rules your work and daily routines—and Mars needs a lot of stimulation—so make it a priority to infuse your 9-5 with more interesting diversions. Ask for some special assignments—or propose one yourself. Just keep your expectations (and promises) realistic because Mars is better at starting things than finishing them.


Sure, you KNOW that all work and no play makes you a dull Goat, but sometimes it’s just easier to go with the (fixated) flow than change direction mid-stream. And yet you may not be able to resist the universe’s “401 redirect” this Saturday, when love planet Venus swings into a paradigm-shifting square with unpredictable, unconventional Uranus in your amorous fifth house. Whether you’re single, attached, looking or not, this electrifying alignment might inspire you to “break rank” and do something very much out of Capricorn character. So, however you were planning to spend the evening, indulge your joy of glamming up and let yourself feel sexy in your own skin. And if someone flirts with you first, by all means, return the compliment.

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