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8 Best Fleece Lined Pants For Men: Stay Warm All Of 2023

What guy doesn’t love getting dressed for frigid winter days? The answer is zero. The layering, the bulkiness, the overall lack of stylish coordination—such a hassle. 

And the real trouble happens in the lower half (the unintentional sauna danger zone, if you will). Sometimes it feels like your body is fighting its own internal thermostat. It’s too hot inside and too cold outside, and it never seems to line up with what anyone else is experiencing. 

Gents, the solution is the best fleece lined pants. You’re welcome.

The best fleece lined pants are the perfect way to keep warm in the wintertime without going full-on snowman. It’s basically like wearing a blanket on your legs disguised as stylish pants. Best secret ever.

No more crazy leg layers causing sporadic rainforest conditions where they don’t belong. Just one pair of toasty trousers to rule them all. Well… what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find a pair that’s right for you, from jeans to joggers.  


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A perfectly normal pair of chinos? Not so fast—there’s a fun plaid surprise. It’s hard to argue with Eddie Bauer’s famous reputation for perfecting outdoor wear, which is why his men’s fleece lined pants landed in the coveted best overall slot.

If your arctic activities require a lot of bending, you’re in luck. These cozy pants fit just like your favorite pair of chinos with a little extra stretch for good measure. And the super-soft polyester fleece wraps your legs in a breathable warmth without adding the dreaded bulk of winter layers

Let’s not forget about the classic buffalo check surprise. Roll those cuffs up for happy hour to show off your sophisticated lumberjack vibes. The Brawny man has nothing on you.

Style: Chinos | Weight: Midweight | Size range: 32/32-40/30 | Material: 67% Cotton 28% Nylon 5% Spandex 100% Polyester Lining | Colors: Khaki, Storm | Care: Machine Wash 

Lee Men’s Fleece And Flannel Lined Relaxed-Fit Straight-Leg Jeans

These are like the undercover spies of the best fleece lined pants world. At first glance, they look like a regular pair of pants. But there’s so much more under the surface. Except instead of ending up in a sleazy tabloid, you’ll be ready for any hike in any weather (do check the weather beforehand, though).

You probably already guessed that the interior is ultra-soft for extra warmth and comfort. But there’s also a shocking amount of stretch for scaling rocks and fallen trees. Plus, Backcountry’s AdvancedSkin exterior keeps you safe and dry from dewy mornings to surprise rainstorms.

All that, and you can still go out in public without looking like a ragamuffin… unless you’re covered in mud. Please go home and change if you’re covered in mud. Maybe a shower too.

Style: Slacks | Weight: Lightweight | Size range: 30-40 | Material: 92% Nylon 8% Elastane | Colors: Black | Care: Machine Wash 

Salomon Wayfarer Straight Pant

A list of the best fleece lined pants isn’t complete without joggers. Run some errands, hit the gym, stop by brunch with the boys—they’re perfect for everything. Yes, especially lounging.

The Amazon reviews are in, and they all say these are a must-have for weight lifting (and remote lifting). It is worth reading through those reviews before you pick a size, though. A few people mention these run a tad small depending on your selection.

But for the price, it’s worth buying a pair in every color once you narrow your ideal fit. The underrated neutrals never fail to make your favorite kicks pop. Get ready to take on the day with the confidence of a cozy lower half. Or skip it altogether and stay on the couch. Your call. 

Style: Sweatpants | Weight: Lightweight | Size range: S-XXXL | Material: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex | Colors: Black, Gray, Navy | Care: Machine Wash  

THE GYM PEOPLE Men's Fleece Joggers Pants

Wrangler for wallet win, fellas. And there’s even a bonus of cargo pockets—so much more room for essentials. Stylish pants with the added wow factor of fleece are hard to come by, especially for under $50.

The extra pockets combined with the cozy fleece does add a smidge of bulk, if we’re being honest. But your legs will thank you after a day of winter adventures. Go with the black if you’re aiming for a slimming effect. If that’s not a concern, try out the other three colorways. There’s even a camo option if you want to blend in. 

Style: Work Pant | Weight: Lightweight | Size range: 30/30-42/32 | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: Black, Tan, Camo, Gray | Care: Machine Wash 

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Fleece Lined Cargo Pants

Carhartt has innovated the world of work clothes since the 1800s, hence why they made the list of best fleece lined pants. These have Rugged Flex® in the name, so it’s pretty clear they can handle some rough situations. Don’t let the grizzly exterior fool you. The interior is more along the lines of a teddy bear.

Maybe you need a reliable pair of cold weather work pants, or maybe you just like hitting the snowy trails. Either way, Carhartt has you covered on the comfort and warmth front regardless of the weather front (yes, the pun was necessary). 

That weather protection includes your technology, by the way. There’s a special secure pocket just for your phone… or snacks. We’re not judging.   

Style: Work Pant | Weight: Lightweight | Size range: 30/30-50/36 | Material: 98% Cotton 2% Spandex | Colors: Tan, Gray | Care: Machine Wash 

Carhartt Rugged Flex Rigby Dungaree Knit Lined Pants

Sure, some runners may wear short-shorts year round. Good on them. But in case you aren’t a fan of frostbite while you exercise outdoors, TSLA has a toasty option for you. And they’re windproof (bonus points).

These take the best fleece lined pants to a new level. A super soft microfiber fleece on the inside topped with a water-resistant, windproof layer. Your body temperature will thank you if blizzards don’t stop you from getting in a daily run. We see you. 

No, literally, we see you… there are also reflective strips to keep you safe in sketchy visibility.

Style: Joggers | Weight: Lightweight | Size range: XS-XXXL | Material: 100% Polyester | Colors: Black, Gray, Navy | Care: Machine Wash 

TSLA Men’s Thermal Windproof Pants

Well, hello again, Eddie. How nice of you to join us with another pair of fleece lined pants. Oh, look, he’s brought a pair of cozy jeans you’ll never want to take off. Good call, Eddie. Good call.

Obviously, you need a pair of classic jeans with a twist (aka the best fleece lined pants) to keep your legs warm in frosty conditions. Hopefully, those conditions also include a frosty beer after. The extra stretch in the denim is unexpected but appreciated. And if you want to show off how much comfier your pants are than your buddies’, just roll up the cuffs to rock the stylish black fleece.

Baur doesn’t disappoint with the styling suggestions, but we wouldn’t say no to adding a cable knit fisherman’s sweater to the mix. You can’t go wrong with a cable sweater and jeans. Add a beanie for the “Oh, I just threw this on effortlessly” vibe. 

Style: Jeans | Weight: Midweight | Size range: 30/32-40/34 | Material: 98% Cotton 2% Spandex | Colors: Denim | Care: Machine Wash 

Eddie Bauer Fleece-Lined Flex Jeans

As far as the word “splurge” is concerned, these pants are still fairly wallet-friendly. Less than $200 is nothing to snub for warm legs. Still, the slightly higher price tag is worth the ideal combo of style, comfort, and function ultimately resulting in some of the best fleece lined pants.

We know you’ve been looking for those perfect work pants that look instantly broken in. Here they are. And you can thank Todd Snyder for these Japanese flannel wonders. The no-nonsense color scheme is just waiting to be paired with your go-to flannel. Any color of plaid goes—get crazy.

Throw on a beanie with some rugged work boots, and chilly weather doesn’t stand a chance. We should warn you… this style triggers an abundance of compliments.    

Style: Work Pant | Weight: Lightweight | Size range: 31/30-32/34 | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: Black, Tan | Care: Machine Wash 

Todd Snyder Japanese Flannel Lined Canvas Welder Pant

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Fleece Lined Pants


Believe it or not, there’s more to consider for the best fleece lined pants than just warmth. If you need fleece-lined slacks for a chilly office, chances are you don’t need all the bells and whistles of weather-resistant hiking pants. The same goes for frigid outdoor activities—you’ll want more than a pair of cozy joggers or sweatpants. While they’re delightful for lounging, you’ll regret that choice on a winter bike ride. 

men and dogs walking in the snow
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Not all of the best fleece lined pants are created equal, so a little digging is necessary to find out which weight is right for you. You can start with something close to the flannel range. Those are great for the chilly office setting. Or you can go all the way up to the heavyweight fleece of over 300 gsm. That’s more ideal for being outside in arctic temperatures for long stretches. Keep in mind the fleece weight also affects the warmth and breathability.


The best fleece lined pants have drastically improved over the years, but it’s still an extra layer of fabric you may not be used to. They might be a bit snugger than your typical jeans, slacks, or sweats. Naturally, this will vary based on the brand and fleece thickness, so do your research. Reviews are worth their weight in gold in the fit department.  


    • Weights vary from brand to brand, but most of them fall into three categories: 

      Lightweight fleece: 100 g/m2 range. Not always very breathable, so keep that in mind if you tend to get sweaty.

      Midweight fleece: 200 g/m2 range. Great for moderate temperatures, but they’ll still keep you warm when it’s cold outside.

      Heavyweight fleece: 300 g/m2 or higher range. Best for extremely cold temperatures.

      Plan your frost-bound activities accordingly, and scroll back up to choose your ideal fleece-lined pants.

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