30 Nordstrom Items I'm Shopping in Order to Master the '90s Prada Aesthetic

Everyone who works in or around fashion has a singular brand they’d ride or die for—the one they could easily wear every single day from head to toe. For me, that’s Prada, whether the item in question is a fall ’02 polo or a spring ’22 leather jacket. But really, of all the Prada out there in the world, the pieces made during the time frame between 1990 and 1999 are the ones I hold most near and dear to my heart.

There’s only one problem: As a 27-year-old editor living in Manhattan, I don’t exactly have the kind of shopping budget necessary to fill my closet with a never-ending array of ’90s-era vintage Prada. That’s why I’ve had to get creative. Six hours of scouring every last page of product on Nordstrom.com later, I was left with 30 items that feel like ’90s Prada and look like ’90s Prada but aren’t actually ’90s Prada. (There is one pair of dreamy wedges from the Milanese label’s current era.) Essentially, I found all the pieces necessary for someone like me who wants to master that covetable ’90s-Prada aesthetic without the prices associated with rare vintage items. And no, I won’t gatekeep them.

Keep scrolling to explore the treasure trove of Prada-esque pieces that are currently available at Nordstrom. 

The ease of this S/S 97 Prada look—from the sleeveless vest to the belted, perfectly pressed trousers—puts it at the top of my copy list. 

This Skims tank is a no-brainer. The neckline and sleeveless shape are very Prada. Meanwhile, the price is totally reasonable at $36.

I’ve had my eye on these pleated WAYF trousers for weeks. They’re perfectly slouchy without looking baggy or unkempt. 

When I tell you that I dream about these Prada slingback wedges, I’m not kidding. It’s an every-night occasion. 

Though oversize blazers will always be chic, I’ll forever have a bias toward cropped, fitted takes on the officewear essential, if only because it feels way more Prada-esque. 

This zip-up top is giving me serious Prada Sport vibes.

Nothing says Prada like a satin miniskirt paired with a fitted blazer and a sleeveless turtleneck. 

If the current sheer-clothing trend is a favorite of yours, look no further than this S/S 95 look modeled by Carla Bruni. 

A good belt is all you need to take most outfits from okay to spectacular. 

If it has a polo neck, I want it. Period. 

The perfect flouncy skirt for summer. 

This shade of green is too pretty to pass up.

Nineties Prada and black shoulder bags are a match made in heaven. 

This LBD would’ve felt right at home during a ’90s summer. 

Kate Moss could make any outfit look good, but this easy-chic sweater-and-trousers combo does all the work.

A timeless sweater you’ll wear for years to come.

Le Specs makes the best bang-for-your-buck sunnies. 

They’re right—these are my favorite pants.

Everyone wants me to think cardigans are boring, but I’ll never stop wearing them.

Nineties minimalism at its finest.

I’m really not a legging person, but this cropped pair from Toteme feels so retro and chic. 

One of the reasons why I love Prada—specifically ’90s-era Prada—so much is how simple the individual pieces are. It doesn’t take a ton of volume or shocking prints to make items stand out and impress. Sometimes, all it takes is a beautifully crafted tank top and midi skirt. 

You really can’t go wrong with any of Vince’s satin pieces. 

If splurging is on the cards for you, this pair of ’90s-esque pumps from The Row should be at the top of your to-buy list. 

This tee does it all—it tucks, it crops, and it cinches in all the right places. 

A slip dress is eternal. 

I could write an entire essay all about my love for sheer knee-high socks.

Hey, the ’90s called. It wants its turtleneck back. 

Full A-line skirts like this one from Prada’s S/S 95 collection are all anyone will be talking about (and wearing) this summer. 

Even in the spring, you’ll catch me layering with a tissue-thin turtleneck. 

The prettiest poplin skirt you’ve ever seen. 

I can’t get enough of this simple yet striking strapless dress.

This on-sale trench isn’t getting the attention it deserves in my opinion. 

Okay, how cute are these? I’m obsessed. 

The cowl neck on this slip dress is bringing me an endless supply of pure joy. 

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Coming up next: I Only Want to Wear Prada and Miu Miu—25 Affordable Alts That Are Just as Strong

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