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14 Best Leather Bags for Men To Take With You Everywhere 2023

Bags are for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Wall Street trader, mechanic, or barman; every guy needs something to hold onto their belongings. Which is why this guide to the best leather bags for men is well worth the read.

Practical, functional, and stylish, the trusty leather bag has become an essential for men of all occupations (and sartorial preferences). No longer just a handy accessory to transport your stuff, they’re now an extension of your outfit.

But as brands have cottoned onto its mass appeal, the options available have become a little overwhelming. What was once a pretty standard purchase has now turned into a real finger-clicking challenge. Luckily, I’ve done some serious digging and handpicked the best men’s leather bags around. Keep reading for my top recommendations.

Key Takeaways

From classic leather backpacks and sling bags to messengers and briefcases, there are numerous options for the best leather bags for men.

I’ll be rounding up the ones worth your consideration, plus giving you some tips on when to wear them and what to look out for when making a purchase.

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Roderer Award 5-in-1 Messenger Bag

Size: L25 x H17 x W6.5cm | Type of Leather: Soft Grain | Colors Available: 2

Between work, weekend plans, and spontaneous trips, life can get a little busy. And while you’re going about your everyday adventures, you’re obviously going to need somewhere safe (and stylish) to keep your essentials close by. Right?

Crafted from soft-grained Italian leather, Roderer’s messenger bag is just what the doctor ordered. Ultra-versatile, the compact style can be adapted to every situation—giving you multiple options that can be used depending on the type of bag you want. Exploring the city? Transform it into a crossbody. Going to a festival? Use it as a fanny pack. Need somewhere for your toiletries? Ta-da: a wash bag.

Mismo Tote Leather Bag

Size: L40 x H37 x W8cm | Type of Leather: Full Grain | Colors Available: 1

What was once a freebie you’d get from a work marketing event, the tote bag is now a tidy (and stylish) carrying solution for your ever-growing collection of essential belongings. And thanks to the variety of leather options available, it’s no longer saved for the summer.

The Mate is a tote/briefcase hybrid from Mismo, crafted from full-grain leather that’ll only get better with age. It’s topped with durable double handles with a zip fastening for security. Inside there’s room for plenty of your ‘stuff’, plus various zipped pockets and compartments—even a patch pocket perfectly sized for credit cards.

Globe Trotter Skyfall Briefcase

Size: L41 x H35 x W12cm | Type of Leather: Full Grain | Colors Available: 1

There’s no better way to show you mean business than with a briefcase. Undoubtedly one of the best leather bags for men, it’s an elegant accessory used by some of the world’s most stylish men—from James Bond to Don Draper.

Named the Skyfall Attaché (coincidence? I think not), this version from Globe Trotter would certainly get 007’s approval. Sporting a black box grain leather trim with chrome locks, it opens up to reveal a gray jacquard weave inspired by the special agent’s gun barrel. Take yours to the office and watch the compliments roll in.

Troubadour Sling Bag

Size: W26 x H12 | Type of Leather: Vegan Leather | Colors Available: 1

Gone are the days when you left the house with just your wallet and phone. Now we have to remember all sorts of things—from headphones and glasses to travel cards and notepads. Thankfully, there’s a solution to help you go hands-free and if you haven’t invested in a sling bag or cross-body bag, you’re the one missing out.

Troubadour’s sling bag is more than up to the task. Made from vegan leather, it boasts ample room for your daily must-haves, plus a strap that can be adjusted and removed if required. Use it for your daily commute, or pair it with evening attire for a functional yet casually sleek ensemble.

Luca Faloni Weekender Bag

Size: D24 x H28.5 x W52cm | Type of Leather: Vegetable Tanned Full-Grain Leather | Colors Available: 2

It’s a fact: duffel bags are great. Roomy but not too big, they’re super functional but also offer plenty of charm and style, whether you’re wearing sportswear or a shirt and jeans. It doesn’t matter what you’re up to—life is made just that little bit easier with a duffle.

This version from the sharp-dressing brand, Luca Faloni, is suitable for everything from weekend breaks to trips to the beach. It’s made from vegetable-tanned full-grain leather, handmade with all your needs in mind. There are plenty of compartments for your stuff, and it can be carried using the double handles.

Mismo tour duffle bag

Size: L45 x H26 x W26cm | Type of Leather: Italian Nylon + Full Grain | Colors Available: 1

Whether you’re heading to a bachelor party or a romantic break for two, it pays to have a proper weekend bag. It should be roomy yet easy on the eye, and also tough enough to survive a few bumps and bruises en route to your destination. Hence why you may notice my cheeky inclusion of a nylon bag (but it does have leather details – still counts in my books).

This one from one of my favorites, Mismo, ticks all the requirements. Made from waterproof Italian Nylon and full-grain leather, it features a spacious interior that includes zipped pockets to keep those small essentials extra safe. You can hold it with the double handles, or throw it over your shoulder using the detachable strap.

Paul Smith Textured Messenger Bag

Size: L21 x H16cm | Type of Leather: Calf | Colors Available: 1

Not all bags are created equal. Backpacks are your go-to for heavy loads and all-day hikes. A holdall is a must-have for weekend trips. But for lightweight everyday needs, nothing beats a messenger bag.

This one-strap wonder from Paul Smith is a sleek option suitable for work or weekend. Made from textured leather with some subtle signature striped detailing, it’ll perfectly complement suits and smart-casual outfits alike.

Ted Baker Fidick Holdall Leather Bag

Size: L48 x H31 x W20cm | Type of Leather: Saffiano | Colors Available: 1

Traveling smart starts with becoming an efficient packer; it can be the difference between a stress-free check-in or facing some unexpected baggage fees. Which is why it’s vital that you choose the right bag.

From essential travel documents to your summer clothes and toiletries, the Fidick holdall from Ted Baker will carry all your belongings and help you get where you need to be. Standout features include a handy shoulder strap, plus a spacious interior with a zip-up pocket and eye-catching lining.

Cambridge Satchel The Music Case

Size: L38.5 x H38.5 x W7.5cm | Type of Leather: Unknown | Colors Available: 7

Being the best-dressed guy in the office is no easy feat. To set yourself apart from your stylish colleagues, it takes a little more than a new suit and shirt. So what can you do? Investing in one of the best men’s leather bags is a good place to start.

The Cambridge Satchel Co has a pretty impressive collection, including the Music Case. More than just an ordinary work bag, it features a distinctive bar closure, which slips over the handle to close. Inside, there’s space for a laptop, documents, and plenty more of your prized possessions.

Velez Backpack

Size: L35 x H40 x W17cm | Type of Leather: Full Grain | Colors Available: 10

Backpacks have come a long way since being the essential accessory for every kid on the school bus. Now offering both style and function, they comfortably house all the stuff you need with you throughout the day—all while looking pretty damn cool.

Crafted from full-grain leather, this version from Velez is ideal for day trips, morning commutes, and long weekend walks. The padded straps ensure optimum comfort, while there are two main zipper compartments, a smaller zipper pocket on the front, and additional side pockets for your cellphone and water bottle. My personal favorite is the secret pocket on the back.

Kenneth Cole Satchel

Size: L11.5 x H10.5 x W3cm | Type of Leather: Full Grain | Colors Available: 5

The best leather bags for men don’t all come with an eye-watering price tag. For anyone looking to tighten the purse strings, you’ll be pleased to know you can pick up plenty of wallet-friendly options and still come away with something special.

Case in point is this shoulder style from Kenneth Cole. Made from full-grain Colombian leather, it’s ideal for city explorers and guys always on the go. There are various compartments for keeping everything safe, plus a special RFID pocket that’ll protect you from identity theft.

Christian Louboutin Studded Messenger Bag

Size: H19 x W14cm | Type of Leather: Full Grain | Colors Available: 2

Equip yourself with a designer leather bag and you can take an ordinary outfit from 0-100 real quick. Sure, it’s going to hurt your bank balance, but it’s going to be something you can turn to time and time again—making it a worthwhile investment that’ll more than earn its keep.

This messenger bag from Christian Louboutin is more about form than function. It’s just about big enough to carry your phone, wallet, and keys, but damn does it look cool. Wear it with a hoodie and jeans at the weekend, or dress it up with a dress shirt and slacks.

Sandqvist Franka Messenger Bag

Size: L27 x H21 x W7cm | Type of Leather: Full Grain | Colors Available: 2

It doesn’t matter if you commute daily or only travel for business trips, protecting your stuff is going to be your number one priority (as well as arriving on time, of course). To do so, you’ll need to invest in a quality shoulder bag.

Sandqvist Franka bag is the ultimate combination of style & function. It’s handcrafted in buttery leather and features a bunch of compartments, including somewhere to stash your wallet, notebook, and phone.

Hawes & Curtis Weekender Holdall

Size: L51 x H30 x W24cm | Type of Leather: Full Grain | Colors Available: 1

Moving from your comfy couch to the bustling squat rack is much easier if you’ve got a gym bag to carry all your kit. You should be looking towards something more functional than fashion-forward—but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good.

Sleek and spacious, this duffle bag from Hawes and Curtis is an excellent option. It features one main zipped large compartment to hold your sneakers, shorts, and tee. Plus a few smaller pockets that are perfect for your headphones, locker key, and loose change. The metal feet will help protect it from scuffs as it sits on the gym floor.

What To Look For In The Best Leather Bags For Men


The best leather bags for men come in many different shapes and sizes. From backpacks to holdalls and messenger bags, there are plenty to choose from. To determine which style you need, have a think about what it is you’re after.

Does it need to be big or small? Do you want to hold it? Or wear it on your back or shoulder? Once you have a better understanding of what you want, it’ll be easier to narrow down your options.


Not all leather bags are the same size. Some are big enough to fit in a weekend’s supply of clothes, while others only have room for essential everyday items. Before making a purchase, make a note of what you want your new bag to hold. You can then have a better picture of the size you’ll need.


Many things can affect the price of a leather bag, including the type of leather, the brand, and its features. You can expect to pay anything from $60 if they’re smaller styles to $6,000 for designer labels and big luxury holdalls.

Mismo casual tote hybrid leather bag
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Final Verdict

When it comes to men’s accessories, the best leather bags for men are among the hardest working in our wardrobes. Functional as well as stylish, they can carry your daily essentials while adding the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Whether you choose a backpack, holdall, or briefcase, a leather bag will be your go-to for many seasons to come. If you’re looking for the ideal all-rounder, Roderer’s messenger bag is certainly a sensible place to start.


    • There’s a wide range of options available—each varying in size, shape, and design. Your choice of bag will depend on what you need it for and the style you prefer. For example, weekend trips and overnight stays will require a holdall, while a messenger or crossbody bag is better suited for day-to-day.

      • Leather is a durable material, so all types of leather bags should hold up pretty well to wear and tear. How long your bag lasts will not only depend on the leather but how often you use it and what you use it for. The more often it is used, the quicker it’ll eventually need replacing.

        • All leather bags serve a functional purpose, but certain styles are also used as fashion accessories. For example, a leather gym bag will be used to carry your gym gear. However, a leather shoulder bag could be used to complement an outfit, as well as carry your everyday essentials.

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